Download Rockchip Batch Tool (Diff. Versions)

Download Rockchip Batch Tool (Diff. Versions) 1
Rockchip Batch Tool UI

Features of RockChip Batch Tool

Helps you flash stock firmware easily

It allows you to flash stock firmware on RK29, RK30, RK31 Chipset devices. Simply, Launch the RockChip Tool on your computer, then add the firmware in the tool by clicking the three (3) dots next to FW Path. After adding the firmware, connect your device to the computer and Click on the Upgrade or Restore button in to begin flashing.

Be sure to not interrupt the flashing process as it might brick your phone, and possibly make it more to difficult to revive

Simple User Interface

The overall interface of RockChip Tool is very simple that just anyone can use it. It allows you to get the basic information about the firmware once it has been loaded in the tool, including the firmware version, firmware time, Support Chip, Boot Version and Boot Time.

Multiple Upgrade

With Rockchip Batch Tool you can flash or upgrade multiple devices at the same time. Simply Load all the devices to the computer, and RockChip can detect multiple devices automatically. Once your multiple devices is detected, simply Click on the Upgrade or Restore to perform the multiple upgrade.

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