Do I need Anti-Virus on my Android phone?

Whether to use anti-virus or not is a common bone of contention among the population of Android phone users, therefore, it is not unheard of for any Android user who cares about his phone’s security to wonder whether or not to use antivirus on their smartphone. This is because they want to ascertain the susceptibility of their Android smartphone to malware or viruses and protect it.

The big question always arise, ‘can Android operating system be really infected by virus?’ Well, the answer is a simple yes. Almost every gadget that has the feature to connect with external links is vulnerable to attack by viruses. So that means considering the possibility of an anti-virus for your Android smartphone might not be a bad idea after all.

But then, before choosing an anti-virus for your device, you would want to know which one is effective and ways to avoid the threat posed by virus attack which you can only know by learning how your device can be compromised by these threats in the first place.

Thus, in this article, I will walk you through the hows and what to do if you eventually suspect that your device has been compromised.

What kind of Virus can infect my Android device?


This is a kind of malware that could be intercepted while browsing online or can be targeted towards one’s smartphone through the IP address, wireless transfer protocols and so on by the hacker that engineer the particular malware.

Usually, Ransomware is used to attack when the hacker plans to take the device hostage and does not release control of the device unless the party involved pay a certain amount of money as ransom.

However, Ransomware is not very common out there. That said, your Android smartphone is mostly safe from this threat unless you are some kind of VIP keeping state secret on your device. Note that, Windows OS is more vulnerable to Ransomware than Android.

Android Apps

Some Android apps have virus hidden in them to be downloaded on the firmware of your smartphone after you launch them. However, the apps on Play Store are usually safe to an extent from this, but apps downloaded from other untrusted sources could jeopardize the safety of your Android phone.

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Sometimes, the virus would hide itself in the app for about a few days after installing it before carrying out its attack so that you will not budge to consider the app as the ‘carrier’ of that particular virus.

App Installation Hijackers

If you are the type that downloads app on the World Wide Web often, you would have come across a situation where you intended to download something but something else ends up being downloaded by the installer automatically. More often than not, most of these hijackers are virus files that could jeopardise the security of your Android phone.

Through File Sharing

Virus could be gotten through the use of wireless means to exchange data/files. The virus already contacted by one party could attach itself to the file being shared and thus, be transmitted to the other Android device.

Now that we have discussed the several means through which virus can get into your Android device, let’s look into what anti-virus you could use to prevent the attack of virus irrespective of where you visit on the Internet or whose phone you share files with.

Some effective antivirus for your Android device.

Have you ever wondered what type of virus/malware could be used to attack your Android device, and what the consequence of that attack could be?

Some malicious virus steal information that could jeopardize one’s security like Location, contact list, e-mail address and so on while others extort innocent users of their money by subscribing them to premium services without their consent.

Most other viruses/malwares can serve disturbing advertisements, read phone conversations and even take control of the attacked phone, making the owner vulnerable and helpless. Therefore, you cannot overlook the need to have these effective anti-virus on your phone.

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The antivirus apps you can install to protect your phone include the following:

Please note that these apps are not organized in any form of ranking or rating, but randomly arranged. Be sure to install and use only one antivirus app on your phone.

AVG Anti-Virus

Do I Need an Anti-Virus on my Android Phone- AVG anti virus
AVG AntiVirus

This is one of the best Android Antivirus you can find out there. It keeps your phone safe from malicious malwares and also provides data security with Photo Lock and App Lock features. You can find AVG Antivirus on Play Store.

Download AVG Antivirus on Play Store

DFNDR Antivirus and Boost

Do I need Anti-Virus on my Android phone? 1
DFNDR Anti Virus and Boost

This is also a very good antivirus that scans each document/files that passes through your Android device and alert you of possible threat.

Download DFNDR Antivirus and Boost on Play Store

 Avast AntiVirus

Do I Need an Anti-Virus on my Android Phone

Avast has long been known for its vast efficiency in cleaning malwares in PCs. It is also as effective in Android devices. Avast is a good choice for its comprehensive overthrow of malwares/virus on your Android device.

Download Avast AntiVirus on Play Store

 Kaspersky Mobile Security

Do I Need an Anti-Virus on my Android Phone- kaspersky

This app secures your online as well as offline activities and it is one of the best active AntiVirus you can lay your hand on around here. Visit the Play Store to download Kaspersky on your Android device by clicking the link below.

Download Kaspersky Mobile Security on Play Store

Norton Ghost

Do I Need an Anti-Virus on my Android Phone-Norton Ghost

This is another good Antivirus for your Android device. A simple and straightforward application that wipes your phone free of any kind of malware/virus.

Download Norton Ghost

The above mentioned Antiviruses are just a few out of many you can download from the play store to protect your Android devices from virus. You should be mindful of the type of phone you receive files from and the kind of site you surf on the internet.

And yes! Android devices do get infected with virus.