Collection of PiPO factory firmware flash file

We have put together a collection of PiPO tablets official firmware flash files to help you fix, un-brick and/or update your smartphone software.

Choose and download from below- the specific flash file for your tablet model and follow the recommended instructions to flash it.

Download PiPO tablet factory firmware (English firmware)

Note: Ensure to read the information in ‘firmware details‘ column to learn more about the exact firmware to download for your PiPO tablet PC. It will help you choose the right file to download.

ModelFirmware linkFirmware details
W8DownloadW8_Software_English version
X7DownloadX7_Software_English version
M9 3GDownloadM9_software_3G_englis version_20140213
M7 Pro (3G&WiFi)DownloadM7pro_WiFi&3G_software_English version_20140526
M6 Pro (3G&WiFi)DownloadM6pro_software_English_3G&WiFi_20140416
U2DownloadU2_software_English version_new TP_20131204
S1 ProDownloadS1pro_software_english version_20131213
M9 (3G&WiFi)DownloadM9_software_3G&WIFI_english version_20131025
M1 ProDownloadM1pro_software_english version_20131022
M8 HD (3G&WIFI)DownloadM8HD_OTA_software_3G&WIFI_english version_20131028
U8DownloadU8 software_english version_20130821
M7 Pro (3G)DownloadM7pro_3G_software_english version_20130907
M6DownloadM6_NO 3G_software_english version_20130618
M6 3GDownloadM6_3G_software_english version_20130618
M9DownloadM9 software_english version_old pcb(v1.1)_20130529 #664-732
Android 4.2.2 software
No need of product key
M8 Pro (3G)DownloadM8pro software_3G_english version_android 4.2 20130628
M8 ProDownloadM8pro NO_3G_software_english version_android 4.2 _2013628
M5DownloadM5 software_english version_20130422
U3DownloadU3 software_20130313_english version
M8 3GDownloadM8 3G software_english version
S3DownloadS3 software_english version
S2DownloadS2 update_new camera_english version
M8DownloadM8 software_english version_20130412
M3DownloadM3 software_english version20130325
M3 3GDownloadM3 3G software_english version_20130325
M2 3GDownloadM2 3G software_english version_20130123
M2DownloadM2 software_english version
U2DownloadU2 software_english version
U1 ProDownloadU1pro software_english version
S2DownloadS2 software_english version
old firmware
S1DownloadS1 software_english version20130325
DS803DownloadDS803 software_chinese version_4.0
DS803DownloadDS803 software_chinese version_2.3
DS820DownloadDS820 software_chinese version_1024X768
DS820DownloadDS820 software_chinese version_800X600
M1DownloadM1 English_software_20130508
U1DownloadU1 English_software_20120910
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