Collection of Neffos smartphones official firmware update

In this post we have put together a collection of Neffos smartphones official firmware update (sdcard upgrade).

You can use the sdcard update package to keep your phone updated to the most recent software version and/or fix issues like- apps force closing, messed up device settings, device becoming very slow and lagging during use, remove screen protection and lots more. These you can do by factory resetting your phone, then update via OTA or manual sdcard upgrade.

The sdcard update packages in this post are meant specifically for Neffos smartphones. You should only download and use the file meant for your phone, to avoid messing up your phone’s software by flashing incorrect software. If you need official firmware for a different phone, please use the search option here to find it.

If your phone is not listed below please use the comment section to request its inclusion…and do not hesitate to report broken links.

After downloading the firmware update below, scroll downwards to find installation instructions.

Download Options

Device Build Link
X1 Lite X1Lite_NFUI7.0_TP904R2429 Download
X1 Max X1Max_NFUI7.0_TP903R2425 Download
X1 X1_NFUI7.0_TP902R2429 Download
Y50 Y50_TP803_1144 Download
Y5 Y5_TP802_1419 Download
Y5s Y5s_NFUI2.0.0_TP804R1211 Download
Y5L Y5L_TP801_1576 Download
C9 C9_NFUI8.0_TP707AR2718 Download
C9A C9A_NFUI8.0_TP706R2718 Download
C7A C7A_V07_20180725 Download
C7 C7_NFUI8.0_TP910R2696 Download
C5s C5s_TP704_0426 Download
C5A C5A_TP703A_0322 Download

Neffos SDcard Upgrade Guide

  1. Download and copy the update package (e.g., to your sdcard.
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn off the phone and then insert the SD card.
  3. Press and hold the Power button and Volume-up button at the same time to enter the “No command” page.
Hold volume up and power button
Hold volume-up and power

4. On the “No command” page, first press and hold the Power button and then quick press the Volume-up button to enter the recovery page.

Neffos No command screen
Neffos No command screen

5. On the recovery page, use the Volume-up/down key to select the “Apply update from SD card”

Use volume buttons to navigate
Neffos stock recovery
select apply update from sdcard
Apply update from sdcard

6. After confirming, press the Power button to enter the “Choose a package to install” page.

Choose the package to install
Select downloaded sdcard update

7. In the SD card, use the Volume-up/down key to select the complete update package “xx_update .zip” file. After confirming, press the Power button to begin installation of the update.

Wait for the sdcard installation to complete
Sdcard update installation complete

8. When the installation is complete, select “Reboot system now” to restart the phone or “Power off” to shut down and exit the recovery page. And that’s all, upgrade completed!

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