Collection of Meizu official firmware

We have put together a collection of Meizu smartphones official firmware flash files to help you fix, un-brick and/or update your smartphone software.

Choose and download from below- the specific flash file for your smartphone model and follow the recommended instructions to flash it.

Download Meizu official firmware

Device/ModelFirmware Link
Meizu 16XsDownload
Meizu 16sDownload
Meizu Note 8 (EU)Download
Meizu Note 8 (G)Download
Meizu Note 9Download
Meizu X8Download
Meizu M8Download
Meizu 16Download
Meizu 16thDownload
Meizu M6TDownload
Meizu 15 PlusDownload
Meizu M8cDownload
Meizu 15Download
Meizu 15 LiteDownload
Meizu M6sDownload
Meizu M6Download
Meizu M6 NoteDownload
Meizu Pro 7 PlusDownload
Meizu Pro 7Download
Meizu M5cDownload
Meizu M5sDownload
Meizu Pro 6 PlusDownload
Meizu M5 NoteDownload
Meizu M5Download
Meizu M3EDownload
Meizu M3 MaxDownload
Meizu U10Download
Meizu M3 NoteDownload
Meizu U20Download
Meizu MX6Download
Meizu M3sDownload
Meizu Pro 6Download
Meizu Pro 5Download
Meizu MX5Download
Meizu MX4 ProDownload
Meizu MX4Download
Meizu MX3Download
Meizu MX2Download
Meizu MXDownload
Meizu M2 NoteDownload
Meizu M2Download
Meizu M1 NoteDownload

How to flash Meizu firmware

  • Download the firmware for your device model from the above list. The file name should be
  • Copy it to the root of your phone storage.
  • Launch file manager app and click on the file to initiate update/upgrade process
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed and complete upgrade.
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Note: Do not forget to backup all important data on the phone, like contacts, messages, app data, etc. This is necessary in case you have to factory reset your device after updating, or if the phone fails to boot up completely.