Collection of Alldocube factory firmware files

We have put together a collection of Alldocube official firmware flash files to help you fix, un-brick and/or update your smartphone software.

Choose and download from below- the specific flash file for your tablet model and follow the recommended instructions to flash it.

Download Alldocube factory signed firmware flash file

Device Model Number Firmware Link File Size Other info.
Iwork 10 Pro I1002 Download 6.53 GB To flash- first follow instructions in reinstall i1002 android firmware.doc before reinstall i1002 windows firmware.doc
Thinker I35L Download 7.54 GB Drivers: Download
Kbook I35S Download 9.44 GB Drivers: Download
M8 T806H Download 1.07 GB M8(T806H)-Android8.0-191022
iplay 10 pro U1006HE Download 839 MB iplay10pro(U1006HE)-Android9.0-191122
iplay 10 pro U1006H Download 841 MB iplay10pro(U1006H)-Android9.0-191121
iPlay 7T T701 Download 1.24 GB iPlay7T(T701)-Android9.0-191112
iplay 8 pro T806ME Download 826 MB iplay8pro(T806ME)-Android9.0-191105

How to flash Alldocube firmware

The ROMs on this page have different flashtool and drivers that will help you install the firmware you downloaded. In essence, if you downloaded a Spreadtrum (SPD) firmware (should be .PAC file after extracted, click here to learn how to flash the ROM.

For Mediatek (MTK) devices, firmware archive should contain a scatter file, normally, in .txt extension- click here for the flashing instructions. Qualcomm device users should follow the guide here.