Collection of all Highscreen factory firmware flash file

We have put together a collection of all Highscreen smartphones official firmware flash files to help you fix, un-brick and/or update your smartphone software.

Choose and download from below- the specific flash file for your smartphone model and follow the recommended instructions to flash it.

Download Highscreen factory firmware (flash file)

ModelFirmware Link
Highscreen Bay (V5852)Download (Password: Bay
Highscreen Boost 3Download
Highscreen Boost 3 ProDownload (Password: Boost3Pro
Highscreen Boost 3 SEDownload
Highscreen Boost 3 SE ProDownload
Highscreen Easy FDownload (Password: EasyF
Highscreen Easy F ProDownload (Password: Easy
Highscreen Easy LDownload (Password: EasyL
Highscreen Easy L ProDownload (Password: EasyLPRO
Highscreen Easy SDownload (Password: EasyS
Highscreen Easy S ProDownload (Password: EasySPro
Highscreen Easy XLDownload
Highscreen Easy XL ProDownload
Highscreen Expanse (T1482)Download (Password: Expanse
Highscreen FestDownload (Password: Fest
Highscreen Fest ProDownload (Password: FestPRO
Highscreen Fest XLDownload (Password: FestXL
Highscreen Fest XL ProDownload (Password: FestXLPro
Highscreen Max 3Download (Password: Max3
Highscreen Power FiveDownload (Password: Power
Highscreen Power Five EvoDownload
Highscreen Power Five MaxDownload (Password: Power
Highscreen Power Five Max 2 Lite (3/32 GB)Download (Password: PowerFiveMax2Lite
Highscreen Power Five Max 2 (4/64 GB)Download (Password: PowerFiveMax2
Highscreen Power Five ProDownload (Password: PowerFivePRO
Highscreen Power FourDownload
Highscreen Power IceDownload
Highscreen Power Ice EvoDownload
Highscreen Power Ice MaxDownload
Highscreen Power RageDownload (Password: PowerRage
Highscreen Power Rage EvoDownload (Password: PowerRageEVO
Highscreen Prime LDownload
Highscreen Pure Power (version v118 for new screens)Download
Highscreen Pure PowerDownload
Highscreen RazarDownload
Highscreen Razar ProDownload
Highscreen Spark 2Download (Password: Spark2

Flashtool- Download

Highscreen TastyDownload (Password: Tasty
Highscreen ThorDownload
Highscreen ThunderDownload

How to flash Highscreen factory firmware

Download the firmware you wish to flash from the link(s) above, then click here to download and see instructions to flash via SP Flashtool.

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