Blogging: Quantity is king!

In blogging, “the higher the amount of posts on your blog, the more traffic you get”. Most bloggers work their blog traffic without remembering to keep their blogs regularly updated with fresh content. It doesn’t work that way.

For instance, you have just 10 posts on your blog and you ceaselessly work on your traffic forgetting you have to keep your blog fresly updated; what will your blog readers come to read? How many times will your 10posts be read by one person?
It totally discourages your readers from re-visiting as there’s nothing new to read.

In the opposite, you work on your blog traffic and constantly post fresh content- your readers/audience will have something new to read on each visit. And this will encourage them to come back. Thus, boosting your traffic.

This brings us back to, “the higher the amount of posts on your blog, the more traffic you get”. Try to update your blog with fresh content daily and be consistent. Don’t be rushy about traffic without keeping your blog updated.

Most importantly, ensure you update your blog with quality content. The fact that I said ‘Quantity is King’ does not disprove the idea that ‘Quality is king’. You just need to understand that, if you take note of this two and apply them in your blogging career, the results will be mind-blowing.

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