Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Note-taking made easier with best Note-Taking Apps for Android
Note-taking made easier with best Note-Taking Apps for Android

The initiative of taking notes has existed for several years. Going back to the times when man kept records on stones and trees, one would realize how important it is for man to keep record of the events going on in his life. It is understandable that man’s memory can not be trusted completely, therefore, it is highly necessary for him to find a better alternative to better store his information for generations to come.

Note taking has evolved from the crude methods of the early centuries to the use of paper and pen. Yet, this method also comes with its own restrictions and hinderances. However, the coming of smartphones has further ease the note-taking affair of man. Now, man is no longer restricted to using pen and paper whenever he wants to take down notes.

Nevertheless, it is still important to watch out for the type of note-taking apps one use. Looking out for the best in note-taking apps has all the justifications as it is with this app you store your thoughts, personal notes, business and other details depending on your life activities that could not allow for unnecessary disappointments due to app malfunction. Therefore, the following enumerated apps should end your search for the best app for taking note on Android.

EverNote: for the organized mind.

Evernote; The best note-taking app for Android
EverNote; a reliable Note-taking app

EverNote is one of the leading note taking apps for Android phones and tablets. If you are the kind that likes your note neat and organized, then this is just the right app for you. Evernote comes with a camera feature that allows you to capture already written note, this could be a great choice for you if you were a student as it stops you from typing what is already written.

Evernote also comes with a well reliable backup and file sharing feature with which you can save and share your document on the go. With these features, data insecurities would no longer be a threat. You can also sync your documents across your devices, with this, you will be able to access your files with whatever device you have connected your EverNote account to.

As the name implies, it is (for)ever a well reliable note taking app for all android users and it could also said to be a life saver for all its nice features which also includes its ability to be used to highlight ‘to-dos’ and make business plans with. EverNote is a great Note-Taking app for both young and old users that you should try out if you have been searching for that excellent app for taking note on Android.

EverNote is the best app for taking note on Android
EverNote App; Photo Credits: Play Store

Download EverNote on Play Store

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OneNote: Your notes in one place.

OneNote is a great Note-Taking App develoved by Microsoft
OneNote; developed by Microsoft

I bet you would have come across the popular Microsoft software for creating documents on PC. Well, this App was created with that in mind. It affords you the ability to be creative with note-taking. It also come with the feature that enable you to scan your handwritten document and make them searchable. With OneNote, you will have the notebook experience again with the way the app has introduced the familiar 3-ring binder into our smartphones.

OneNote also allow for teamwork. Even while the rest of the team are not within physical contact. You can share documents in real time for any form of teamwork. You can also sync your documents across any device, irrespective of their operating system. OneNote is the correct app for school work and taking class notes as it gives you the primary feel of working with ink while you are doing it with ease. You can also draw a map and save quick ideas on your school project work.

You have the chance of putting down your inspirational thoughts as they cross your mind with the OneNote badge. It is easier to reach since it hovers on the screen of your phone every now and then. OneNote is an Editor’s choice App on Play Store currently and it takes a lot of App awesomeness to be that. So why not OneNote?

OneNote is one cool note making App on Android
Write wonders with OneNote; Photo Credits: Play Store

Download OneNote on Play Store

Google Keep: Now, you can ‘Ok Google’ with note-taking.

Google Keep is another best note-taking App for Android
Google Keep, best note-taking App

Google keep is simply great when it comes to note taking. Since this is an app developed by Google LLC, nothing can be expected except greatness and you can be sure that they did not disappoint on this. One cool feature that makes this App unique among others is its voice input feature. With Google keep, you can create your note simply by dictating it into your Android smartphone… now isn’t that great? Of course, it saves you the rigor of typing that long note after a stressful day. It also comes with the colour feature with which you can organize your notes with distinction in mind. You can also add images and drawing to your note.  Therefore, do not hesitate to try out Google Keep today for reliability and good note-taking.

Google Keep is another best note-taking App for Android
Google Keep App page; Photo Credits: Play Store

Download GoogleKeep on Play Store

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ColorNote: for colourful note-taking.

ColorNote is a fancy Note-Taking App for Android
ColorNote: fancy notes

True to its name, one of the attractive features of this note-taking app is its color notebook feature. You have the opportunity of organizing your notes with different colour, thus giving you a sense of direction. you can as well make to-do lists and set reminder. It is an easy to use app for making, editing and sharing of files. You can also set password to safeguard your personal information. You have the chance of backing up your data to your SD-card for future reference, you can as well backup online with cloud services. ColorNote has an active time alarm that reminds you of task set ahead. For that simple and awesome note-taking app, ColorNote is a great choice.

ColorNote is a fancy Note-Taking App for Android
use ColorNote to write with color; Photo Credits: Play Store

Download ColorNote on Play Store

SimpleNotes:  Note-taking simplified!

Simple Note is one of the best Note-Taking Apps for Android
Simple Notes

Note-taking is not only an easy to use app for taking notes, it also lets you sync your documents across devices. Thereby ensuring your data’s safety and ease of access. Have you been looking for that note-taking App for you as a blogger? SimpleNote is quite good for bloggers as it lets them post directly to WordPress website.

You are also allowed to be organized with your SimpleNote App as there are pins and tags with which you can organize your documents for ease of access. Simple Note is freee but there is a premium version with more cooler effect at $0.99. Whichever one you choose will surely suit your needs.

Simple Note is one of the best Note-Taking Apps for Android
SimpleNote, yet makes great note all the time; Photo Credits: Play Store

Download SimpeNote on Play Store

In conclusion, most android users needs to have their thoughts on record but are missing out on these great Apps for note-taking. You should no longer be in that lot. Any of the listed Apps are great for note taking on Android, therefore download and start making fantastic notes on your smartphone. Enjoy, as you file good thoughts.