Best Android Apps of 2020

How convenient the world has become is truly remarkable. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your living room to get involved and enjoy the benefits of today’s modern world. You can get in touch with loved ones and colleagues anywhere in real-time. Shopping and banking can also be done online. You can even work from home or run your businesses remotely. You can get formal education online now from kindergarten to PhD. All this is at your fingertips, thanks to the wonders of mobile technology.

The telecommunication and electronics industries have been enjoying a lofty market of 5.19 billion people worldwide. That’s 67% penetration of the world’s total population. Out of this market, 4.54 billion people are using the internet, hence the rise of smartphones. By 2021, there will be 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide, and 62% of them do purchases online. As a result, there will be more than 200 billion apps that will be downloaded this year, raking in $188.9 billion in revenues.

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Mobile apps extend the functionality of smartphones to a large extent. Even the most basic smartphones can compete with high-end ones just by its arsenal of mobile apps. Our phones may be compact supercomputers packed with the latest innovations, but without apps, there is no way to enjoy any of its hardware wonders. Your smartphones come preloaded with system apps for this very purpose.

Here are some of the most sought-after mobile apps in the market today:


You can utilise Google Assistant on your phone, your speaker, your smart display, in your car, on your TV, laptop, and even your watch and other smart devices. Its newest features include easier-to-access web pages by letting Google Assistant read web pages aloud. Your Google Assistant is accessible at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. It’s available for free at Google Play. You can program it to set your tasks and to-do’s, assist you in communication, discover some local information, quick answers, music and news, games and more.

  • Tasker: When AutoApps maker took over Tasker, it has gone through a UI overhaul and implemented significant updates. This plugin suite improved export/importing with TaskerNet. It’s now easier to share, modify, and create profiles and tasks for Android. It’s available for $3.49 at Google Play. Watch this latest video from Tasker regarding their latest updates.
Tasker 5.8 - Apps, Bluetooth, HTTP, Music, Backup and more!
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  • Google Calendar: Google has an array of productivity tools like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Chrome, and Tasks. One of the most downloaded is the Google calendar. It’s a prime productivity tool where you can view, edit, and sync your schedule across multiple platforms and multi-devices. You can also use a team Calendar to share with your family, your coworkers and others.

Cloud Storage Apps

Without cloud storage, it would be difficult to store all our data, images, videos and other files with the limited storage capacities of most smartphones. Here are the most popular cloud storage options:

  • Dropbox: This app lets you store files and folders to the cloud and easily share them, scan documents, and also collaborate with other users. Data safely sync up across all your devices for on-demand access. You have the option of buying more storage if you need to, but the starting free allocation is at 2 GB.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive offers more gigabyte storage for free, starting at 15GB. It is compatible with Google’s entire product portfolio. You can sync with your Google Photos or Google Docs files quickly, and collaborate with other users who can view or edit your work. Others can make actionable comments or recommendations through the comment feature.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: For Windows 10 or Microsoft Office users, Microsoft OneDrive is a natural choice as it ties your files and other content with Microsoft’s ecosystem. This app lets you access and shares your documents, photos, and other files from your Android device and computer (PC or Mac).


  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome is the number 1 browser with new features and ever-fresh designs. When using Chrome, your mobile phone can feel like a computer. It has sync capabilities that let you seamlessly pick up where you left off whether you’re on your desktop or smartphone. It also allows you to find all of the Google Apps you need in one place too.
  • Brave Privacy Browser: Brave is known for its superb adblocking, which are quite a nuisance to most users. With Brave Privacy Browser’s Adblocker, you get a secure browsing experience every time.
  • Samsung Internet Browser: Samsung’s browser is a robust browser with built-in privacy features. You can download third-party applications as extensions, and if you are using a Samsung device, you can enjoy exclusive features, like Gear VR and the like.

Social Media Apps

  • Facebook: Facebook is the king of social media with a 60.6% user share this 2020.
  • LinkedIn: Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is a popular social media networking site in the corporate world. You can build an online resume on LinkedIn, even find jobs, link to viable networks, and more.
  • Twitter: This app is a micro-blogging site where users can publish short posts, called tweets, that are 140 characters long. These posts usually include links to content related to the tweet. Twitter users can follow each other or their favourite influencers and brands. Once you follow a particular user, that person’s or organisation’s tweet will now appear on your feed. Trending posts are also highlighted, which change daily or even less.

Messaging Apps

  • Facebook Messenger: If you are a Facebook user, then you probably use its messaging app as well. Messenger can be tied to your number, so you can easily match your phonebook contacts with your Facebook contacts. You can easily text anyone in your friends’ list this way. Video chats are available, with filters, play games, access biz chatbots, and more.
  • Zoom: This app has become more popular recently with thousands of employees and students required to stay at home due to the pandemic. It has features like online meetings and technical support, video webinar, collaboration-enabled conference rooms, and a next-generation enterprise phone system.
  • WhatsApp Messenger: This app is currently top-rated because of its ability to send and receive encrypted messages.
  • Slack: This app’s strength is communication and collaboration, especially in the corporate setting. It is primarily built for businesses, so team management will be more comfortable.

Photo and Video Apps

  • Google Photos: Google Photos lets you view and save your pictures and videos and even create custom animations and GIFs. You can also save your photos on the cloud, and share files so others can view and or download your file.
  • Google Clips: this app easily splices together a polished video and is a great editing option that comes for free.
  • Snapseed: Google-developed Snapseed is a photo editor full of features like healing and brush tools. You can work with RAW files, and refine pictures with filters and the like.

Music Apps

  • Google Play Music: This app comes built-in with Android’s music subscription service. Use it to stream music from all genres right at your fingertips.
  • Spotify: Spotify is not tied to Android devices, and there is a freemium tier which allows you to listen to stations and playlists with ads.
  • Podcast Addict: Podcast Addict is an excellent podcast app for podcast fans. It features almost every podcast you can think of. Also, it has a useful, straightforward and elegant UI, with plenty of organisational features, playback and download features, and a single-cost premium version. Easily create playlists or set download rules. Podcast Addict supports Chromecast, SONOS, Android Auto and Wear OS.

Shopping Apps

  • Amazon: This app makes shopping easy for all. You can access Alexa through Amazon, scan products, and deliver ebook purchases straight to Kindle or Audible. Amazon now has 197 million daily visitors. Every hour, Amazon makes $17 million, which is clearly why it is popular both with sellers and customers.
  • eBay: This app lets you use your camera to search for items, scan barcodes, and manage your account. You can also find both brand new and pre-loved products from everywhere in the world.
  • Etsy: is a platform where creators and customers alike go to buy or browse handmade, vintage, and unique products.

Smart Homes Apps

  • Amazon Alexa: You’ll need this app to set up your Alexa device. Through Amazon Alexa, you can manage your profile and other related tasks.
  • Google Home: Google Home app helps you control and manage your Google Home and Chromecast devices. Set user-profiles and also control feature that’ll help.
  • Nest: The Nest app works in sync with all Nest SmartHome devices. These include its security systems, thermostats, plugins and lights.

Security Apps

You need to have the best security tools to protect you from potential cyber threats, not just on your PC but also in your mobile devices.

  • NordVPN: Owning a VPN comes crucial when you are using public wifi or travelling. VPNs protect you from possible cyber threats and data breach. You can use the internet under encryption, to keep your browsing safe and private
  • LastPass Password Manager: This app is a must-have as it allows you to save login credentials securely and safely. It generates near-impossible passwords for your accounts controlled with a master password. For additional security, upgrade by adding LastPass Authenticator. This app can be used on multi-platforms and multi-devices and has a free and a paid version for $12 a year.
  • Orbot: Proxy with Tor: This app encrypts your internet traffic through Tor, which is free, open-network software that defends you against network surveillance.

Conclusion: There is an Android App for Everybody

Without these mobile apps, phones would just be regular phones. Unimaginable, right? There’s an app for everything we need and do. So, aside from these apps, there are more out there to suit your every need and lifestyle. There is an app for everybody. So, boost your smartphone and enjoy the best of apps Android has to offer.


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