Baby monitor apps for Android and iOS

Baby Monitor
Baby Monitor device

Did you know you can turn your Android/iOS device into a baby monitor? Yes, technology is that advanced. Now it is obvious that there is not a single area of our life technology won’t touch.

Developers have come up with ways you can. So, say goodbye to the days when you have to keep checking on your baby while doing house chores or spent your day at the office babysitting.

Now, all that stress can be minimized with the help of an efficient Baby monitor camera app for Android and iOS. But before I delve into providing you the correct baby monitor camera apps, there is something you need to know how to do.

How to turn your phone into a baby monitor

Though, there are designated baby monitor devices you can buy out there. due to high cost, many are unable to afford it. But who cares? When you can actually turn your Android/iOS to a baby monitor. Here is how

  • You need two phones to carry out the baby monitoring. One of the two will be the monitor while the other phone will be where the parent is. You can call it “parent station”. And NO, this is not some Sci-Fi, you will soon understand.
Baby Monitor Camera App
Baby Monitor Camera App
  • Download the baby monitor on both devices. The baby monitor camera app you download would be the one that your current phone supports. Do not worry, I will soon give you baby monitor camera app suggestions for Android and iOS
  • Then, set the baby monitor (the other phone) at an angle where the camera can cover your baby very well.
  • Now, Log into your baby monitor account in both devices. you must note that for this to work, it has to be the same account that was logged into in both devices
Baby monitor apps for Android and iOS 1
Baby Monitor
  • You should make sure the two phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and a power outlet.
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Now, that you know how to turn your phone to a baby monitor device, let us proceed to looking at the best baby monitor camera app for Android and iOS.

Baby monitor camera apps for Android and iOS

Cloud Baby Monitor

This is a premium baby monitor app specifically for iOS devices. you can only use it on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and Mac. As said earlier, when you have this baby monitor app on your iOS devices, you need to connect the two devices together vis Wi-Fi and then, you are good to go.

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The positive side

  • It gives you the opportunity to communicate with your baby wherever you are. That is, you can hear the baby talk and you can also talk with him/her.
  • It also gives standard image feedback. That is it provides high quality live video of your baby.
  • The only drawback to Cloud baby monitor as a good baby monitor camera app is its unavailability on the Android platform.

Price: $3.99

Download Cloud Baby Monitor on iTunes

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Baby Monitor 3G

Two phones showing the parent section for baby Monitor 3G
Baby Monitor 3G

This can be used on both Android and iOS devices. It can be used to turn your smartphone and tablet into a baby monitor camera app. It can be connected using various of networks like WiFi, 3G, LTE e.t.c

The Positive side

  • It provides videos in high HD quality
  • You can also communicate with your baby via this baby monitor camera app.
  • Furthermore, you can use it to monitor babies in the dark.
  • The only sidelined is the inability of the app to be connected to more than one parent station at the same time.

Download Baby Monitor 3G on Play Store $3.99

Download Baby Monitor 3G on iTunes $3.99

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Baby Monitor (Free)

This is a free baby monitor on iOS . it can be used to turn your iOS devices into baby monitors. You can also connect your phone using this app via the Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

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The positive

  • The App records the video taken directly to the iCloud so that it can be accessed later.
  • Also,with this App, you can communicate with your baby like every other good baby monitor camera app.
  • Baby Monitor Free is programmed to be very sensitive in such a way that it knows when your baby moves, sleep or wake up. And alert you accordingly.

Price: free

Download Baby Monitor Free on iTunes

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Baby Monitor Annie (Android and iOS)

Baby Monitor Annie
Baby Monitor Annie

This bay monitor camera app works well on both android and iOS devices. It can be connected through the Wi-Fi or 3G depending on your proximity to the child.  It provides great video feedback and enable users to set up multiple parent stations.

Positive sides

  • You can use it to monitor up to four babies at the same time.
  • It is free to some extent. That is, you only need to pay for the premium version to unlock some advanced features.
  • You can also trace your baby’s sleep with the Baby monitor camera app.

Price: Free

Download for iOS on iTunes

Download for Android on Play Store

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Baby monitor apps for Android and iOS 2

This is one of the best Baby Monitor Apps you can find on the Android platform. like other smartphones turned baby monitor, this app also needs two Android devices to work. One will serve as the field device(that is, the one that will be put where the child is) and the other will be sued as the station/parent device.

Positive sides

  • You can connect up to two parent device at the same time. Thus, both parents and even relatives can watch the child at the same time.
  • Provides great quality, real-time videos of the activities of your child
  • The only sideline for this app is that it only works on Android devices.

Price: Free

Download Dormi on Play Store

I hope you are confident enough from the information you have gained through this article, and will now be able to turn you old Android/ iOS device into your baby Monitor. Download any of the baby monitor camera apps for both Android and iOS devices and watch your baby as you work/rest. You are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback through the comment section.