Android or iOS: Which should I choose as a college student?

Android or iOS: which is better for a college student?
Android or iOS: which is better for a college student?

We are in a century where the use of gadgets in enhancing the process of learning is made possible by the arrival of mobile devices in the world. With these devices (like our smartphones), it is no longer difficult to carry out research works and easily meet deadline for assignments. The ability of our smartphones to bring students closer to their study materials has made it one of the important learning enhancers there is today.

Therefore, their impact can not be overlooked. The effects that smartphones have on your student life makes it necessary for you to know the ones which is more helpful for your studies. Thus, we will be highlighting the pros and cons of each smartphone/gadget operating system to enable you to make a wise decision on the one you subscribe to.

You must however note that there will be no bias whatsoever in our analysis as it shall only be based on facts.

Android OS

Android or iOS: Which should I choose as a college student? 1
Android phone

Android OS was developed by Google mainly for smartphones and gadgets. Being a partly open sourced operating system (open to manufacturers to use at will), it is one of the most common operating system in Africa and other part of the world. Android OS is easy to use for average individuals as it does not require any ‘know-how’. It is relatively affordable and easy to maintain.


Android or iOS: Which should I choose as a college student? 2
Apple product

This operating system was developed by Apple Inc. for apple phones and gadgets. Devices running iOS are one of the high ranking in mobile technology. iOS devices are mostly sought after because of the status and respect they bring to whoever uses them in the society- majorly because they are of high prices. Also, they are high budget phones and elitists choice.

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Differences Between Android OS and iOS

To make a better choice, it will be wise to highlight the difference between the available option as this will inform a better decision. Thus, we have come up with these differences between both operating systems.

  • Pricing System
Android or iOS: Which should I choose as a college student? 3
Price matters when choosing a smartphone

As a student, you are not expected to be financially independent. So, going for a more affordable smartphone might be a juicy choice. Android devices are generally cheap and affordable compared to iOS devices. Therefore, if price should be a factor to consider, you might want to go for the Android option than the high budget iOS devices.

  • Customer Support
iOS has better customer support than Android OS
customer support is just as important

Customer support is one of those factors to consider when choosing a phone as a student. Though both Android and iOS manufacturers provide after-purchase support to their customers, Apple inc. provides customer support for subscribers of their product for a longer term than Android does. Getting a phone with strong customer support puts one in a safe situation. Thus, making iOS a good choice where this is concerned.

  • Battery Life

One of the things to consider when buying a phone is the battery life. This is even more important when you are a student. iOS devices are somewhat short on this feature, at least when compared with their Android counterparts. Android phones have longer battery life than iOS devices. Therefore, if you are the type of student that needs a smart phone with strong battery life, Android phones would be a better option for you.

  • Apps
Android has access to free and more apps than iOS
Apps is the heart of smartphones

Apps are the main runner of smartphones. Without apps, there will be so many operations the phone will not be able to perform. Therefore, choosing the device that support most apps needed for your studies should become a point of consideration before approaching a smartphone dealer. Apps on iOS are restricted to the ones you can download on Apple Apps and they never allow third party apps unless jailbroken which can forfeit your claim for warranty. While Android Apps can be gotten from Play Store and other stores like Aptoide, Galaxy Apps e.t.c. Also, Android apps are mostly free and easy to get while several of iOS apps are paid for.

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In conclusion, both the iOS and Android operating systems are one of the most leading operating system in mobile industry today. Either one of them will perform just as great, however, you are left with the decision to choose which one suits your taste better from the analyzed features above. Goodluck!

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