All you should know about TECNOs hiOS UI

hiOS is the operating system that runs on TECNO products

It was all great when TECNO invaded the smartphone market with a new User Interface early 2016. Since then, TECNO has stuck to using its newly designed User Interface pre-installed on their smartphone products. TECNO’s HIOS is one of the best and user-friendly UI for Android smartphones you can come across in the smartphone world.

Now it shouldn’t be all mouth and no show, that is why we came up with this article on “All you should know about TECNO’s HIOS UI”. Moreover, smartphone users often miss out on the wide array of cool things they could use their phone to do which is mostly determined by the type of UI running on the operating system of the phone. This article will shed more light on the features, pros and cons of the HIOS User-Interface

TECNO’s hiOS pros

This User-Interface mixes uniqueness, style and smartness just in the right proportion for your smartphone to perform better. HIOS comes with utility apps which sums up to result in the final performance of the TECNO Launcher.

Hi Theme

hi Theme is an utility tool on hiOS
hi Theme

Hi Theme is a pre-programmed package that comes with the HIOS user-Interface by default. It contains other features such as Hi Wallpaper that has over 3000 awesome wallpapers that goes with different moods and taste to design your phone. here is also Hi Font, which makes it no longer necessary to download font from third party sources. Hi Theme enable users to download themes and fonts and saves them on their user profile for later use.

hiOS is one of the best Launcher OS for Android
hiOS Launcher

TECNO went a step further by providing constant update for their themes, wallpapers and fonts ready to be downloaded from their Hi Theme App. If you bother to check, you will realize Hi Theme is one of the coolest items that comes stock with TECNO’s HIOS UI.

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Phone Master

phone master is a powerful utility tool on hiOS
hiOS Phone Master Photo Source: Tecno Spot

Phone Master is another important utility tool that comes with HIOS. Designed to ensure you get the best out of your TECNO Smartphone, it is embedded with cool features that makes it more of the reason why HIOS stands out among other UI Launchers.

Phone Master is packed with features like Mobile Cleanup that rid your smartphones of junk files, thereby giving you enough space to save important files. Another of its features is the Data Traffic Management system with which you can set data limit, choose to stop data flow once the limit is reached and to keep tab of applications that consume data.

Phone Master also come with Harassment Filter that lets you put spam callers on blacklist and the Auto-Start Management that let you control which App should start automatically when you switch on your phone. Phone Master is one of the greatest implementations that came with TECNO’s HIOS.

phone master is an hiOS utility tool
hiOS utility tool Source; TECNO SPOT


This is another utility tool on the HIOS interface, with which you can freeze apps you do not frequently use to free up space and make your device look more organized and improve overall performance. TECNO has come a long way with HIOS and it is surely one of the best variants of the Android OS

App freezer keeps your phone free and organized
Freezer App on TECNO’s Phantom 8

TECNO’S hiOS cons

HIOS sure has it’s downsides that should not be overlooked. As far as we have discussed the good side, we owe it to you to inform of the reverse too…so you have the best information.

External storage issues:

While some smartphones running HIOS automatically ejects external storage/SD card sometimes, some users do not get to enjoy the use of external storage at all. However, with constant upgrades from TECNO, this bug should be fixed, hopefully!

hiOS storage issues
hiOS storage issues

Unusual crashing of Apps:

Apps crash incessantly on HIOS. This could be frustrating especially when one is using the phone for important tasks. This only happens with Apps of low storage capacity though.

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Speaker Volume:

Speaker Volume is not usually loud on HIOS compared to other Android UIs. However, you can improve your speaker level to perform to some extent by altering the equalizer.

hiOS updates its bugs every now and then
hiOS system updates

Other downsides include issues like- deleted files not taking effect until reboot and the inability to analyze used space on the HIOS UI.

Nonetheless, TECNO’s HIOS user interface is one of the best User Interface on the Android operating system. And you can find it on latest TECNO release operating on their smartphones running Android 6.0 and later.

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hiOS phones
Phones running on hiOS