10 really cool AT&T Android phones

AT&T is one of the leading company when it comes to telecommunications.
AT&T headquatres

The American Telephone & Telegraph incorporation popularly known as AT&T provides mobile phones among other services for over 3 million Americans and users around the world. They are quite reputable in the telecommunication business and this makes them a reliable point of call when it comes to telecommunication needs. Therefore the impact AT&T has made on the telecommunication terrain is quite a huge one.

10 really cool AT&T Android phones 1

For AT&T fans and subscribers, here’s a rundown list of best AT&T smartphones you can purchase and I hope that by the end of this extensive, you will no longer be left standing on what AT&T Android smartphone to buy.

Top AT&T Android phones

Here is a list of the best 10 AT&T smartphones running on the Android operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Image of Note 9; note 9 is one of the best at&t smartphone of 2018
Galaxy Note 9

This is one of the best AT&T Android smartphone you can come across. Though a high-end, high budget smartphone, the good features of this phone are worth the price. So, if you are going to obtain that AT&T phone, it had better be this because it is about the best AT&T Android smartphone on the market currently.

Special features

  • High-end display system
  • Great cameras
  • Highly sensitive 8MP sensor
  • Extensive Storage system

Google Pixel 3

It is no longer news that Google is one of the best producers of Android devices. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that their product is on the list of best AT&T Android smartphones. but then, you would want to know why you should go for Google Pixel 3 instead.

10 really cool AT&T Android phones 2
Google Pixel 2

Special features

  • An above-the-standard camera
  • Good graphical display
  • Good storage system
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LG V40 ThinQ

image of ThinQ. ThinQ is one of the foremost products you can find on at&t
ThinQ smartphone

The LG V40 ThinnQ is a device running on Android 8.1 Oreo and it is clearly one of the best AT&T Android smartphone you can spend your money on. You should try out this phone out for all of its exciting features

Special Features

  • Multi-Camera (five cameras on board)
image of ThinQ. ThinQ is one of the foremost products you can find on at&t
LG V40 ThinQ

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus

Samsung S9 image; another best At&T smartphone
Samsung S9

Yes, it is another Samsung product on the list! Obviously, AT&T knows the drill that comes with Samsung which have been the reason why they feature most of Samsung devices on their platform.

Special features

  • Super AMOLED display
  • Standard Camera
  • Good storage system.

Red Hydrogen One

Red hydrogen One is another best at&t smartphone

Hydrogen One is the new sensation on the smartphone market. It was developed with uniqueness and a lot of awesomeness in mind. Not only that, this mobile brand has a lot of prospects. It is just great that AT&T subscribers can now enjoy this device and its great features.

Special features

  • Above Okay batter
  • Expendable storage space
  • Good camera

Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 is one of the topmost Galaxy phones on at&t
Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is surely a wonder manufactured by the Samsung brand. With an elegant hardware design, it is one of the phones that has the best display on the Android platform right now. If you having been thinking of going for an AT&T smartphone on your next phone shopping, try Samsung Galaxy S8.

Special features

  • A great 5.8-inch AMOLED display
  • Highly-sensitive fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

10 really cool AT&T Android phones 3
Galaxy Note 8

The S–pen smartphone is also on our list of best AT&T Android phones. best describes as the writer’s smartphone, you can now easily jot down notes and translate back from different languages.

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Special features

  • A 6.3- inch AMOLED display
  • Great Cameras
  • Fast Snapdragon 835 processor
  • Huge 6GB RAM

LG V30

LG V30 is the new trend and one of the best smartphones on at&t
LG V30

Best described as the mobile cinema, the LG V30 is one of the best you can find on the AT&T platform. Like its sister phone, the V40, it is also a great choice when in need of that above-the-average AT&T Android smartphone.

Special features

  • Good speakers
  • Good cameras
  • A 6-inch OLED display
  • Good graphics output

LG X Venture

LG is another typical AT&T featured smartphone. The LG X Venture would also be a good pick for any AT&T subscriber. You can check LG X out on AT&T for these amazing features;

LG X venture is another smartphone on at&t

Special features

  • Strong battery
  • Great hardware design
  • Good cameras

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The older Samsung S7 is also a great one to pick on the AT&T platform. You can be sure that you are not paying for less when buying this phone. There are features that distinguishes S7 and makes it one of the best AT&T Android phone.

Galaxy S7 edge; it is one of the best devices of at&t

Special features

  • Good camera system
  • Strong battery life
  • Fast; running snapdragon 820 processor
  • Good graphics output.

Where to buy

If you are interested in purchasing any of the AT&T smartphones mentioned above, you can order for the device directly from AT&T official smartphone shop.

Having mentioned these, I sure believe your preferred smartphone made this on this list of best AT&T Android phones.  If you have some other AT&T opines that you think others should know about, do not hesitate to make use of our comment box.