Smart Home Products for Google Home

Smart home products for google home

What was your first experience with Google Home like? From my own personal experience, I’d say Google Home is one of the best initiatives by Google. Google Home is a smart home, powerful speaker and voice assistant just like the Amazon’s Echo range. Just that this one piece has a touch of Google creativity on it. There has been some development on the Google Home device since its first release and there are now products like Google home mini and Google home max which basically serves as a hub for other tech devices in your home.

Smart home products for google home
Google home

Ordinarily, without being connected to any other gadget, it can be used to set appointments, answer questions you might have and update you about your to-do-list. It can also be connected with a series of other smart devices to derive the most out of the home automation capability other than playing music and answering queries.

Google Home utility devices

Google home utility device
Google home hub

JBL Link 20

This is a portable speaker that works well with Google home. It can be connected to Google home with its Wi-Fi button on. Additionally, with its in-built Google assistant, it can answer your queries just like Google home does.

an Image of JBL Link 20
JBL Link 20

JBL Link 20 Specifications

  • Powerful audio output.
  • Strong  battery life
  • Water resistance
  • Price: $199.95
an Image of JBL Link 20; JBL Link is one of the most amazing Google home accessory
JBL Link

Where to buy


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August Smart Lock Pro

This smart lock can be used to verify if your door is locked or not. All you need to do is connect it to your Google home and get going. You no longer have to live with the fear and the need to check whether your door is locked or not.

Smart Lock Pro is an accessory of Google home used to lock doors
Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro features

  • In-built smart assistant
  • Uses Wi-Fi adapter
  • Well designed

Where to buy

Ebay | Amazon | Price: $279.99

iHome ISP100

iHome ISP100 helps control the bulbs in the house

Another great smart home product that can be used with Google home is the iHome ISP100.  Majorly, it helps control the bulbs in your house. It therefore can be connected with Google home and be asked to turn on/off the light. The addition with this device is that it has a smartphone app with which it can be used if one does not have access to Google home.

iHome ISP100 features

  • Easy set up
  • Strong design can resist water.
  • Works with Google home and other home automation devices.
iHome ISP100 helps control the bulbs in the house

Where to buy

Amazon – $32.46

Smarter Coffee 2

You no longer need to brew that early morning/late night coffee yourself with the Smarter Coffee 2 at hand. Smarter Coffee 2 is used to brew coffee using Google assistant. Like the iHome ISP100, this device is not only limited to Google home, it can also be operated using your iOS or Android smartphone. 

you can also make your money coffe with Google home AI with Smarter Coffee 2

With Smarter Coffee 2 connected to your Google home, you can go as far as setting your coffee preference and dictating the volume and quantity of each ingredient needed.

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Smarter Coffee 2 Pro

  • Gives you the chance to set the knob
  • Works efficiently with Google assistant
  • Makes nice tasting coffee

Where to buy

Amazon – $249.99

Chrome Cast

Chrome cast can be connected to Google home. This device can be connected to your HDTV via the HDMI or to your Google home Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can dictate to Chrome Cast to play videos via the Google home device.

one of the leading accessories of Google home

Chrome Cast features

  • Can be used with Google home easily
  • Bluetooth support
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

Where to buy

EBay– $35.00

an image with 'Home Automation' as illustration.

Final thoughts:-

Home automation is the new baby of technological advancement. With all the devices listed above, you can be sure to have an automatic home you so much desire. It is time to explore the full possibility of what you can achieve with your Google home and make things easier.

Be sure to feed us back through the comment section as things goes when you finally get your smart product for Google home.