Best Android phones for Old People

Android Phone for old people
Two seniors with smartphones

Smartphone technology should never get too sophisticated to exclude the elders. Sometimes when we think what our old relatives needs is just a device that could make phone calls and offer one or two additional functions, they are much more capable to use simple Android phones that will make them better connected with friends and family and give them a feeling of inclusion in the technological age and further advancement.

But then, simple Android phones suitable for use of senior citizens is hard to come by. Therefore, to avoid ceaseless search and the wrong conclusion that there is no suitable phone for old people out there, I have come up with the best Android phones that the old grandma/grandpa can use just fine.

Android Phones for senior citizens

Emporia Smart (the elders’ choice)

Emporia Smart smartphone for seniors
Emporia Smart

In this era of smartphone technology, it is hard to come by a phone that has both touchscreen and keypad features. Such is the dynamism loaded by the manufacturer of Emporia Smart. It is a very good phone for old citizens as they would have the free will to switch to the traditional keypad if they get bored with the touchscreen.

Why Emporia Smart?

User Interface: the phone is loaded with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat that relieves the old ones of the sophistication and advanced technology of the later Android versions. It is also easy to navigate.

Emergency Call button: Another of the added extra that makes it a good Android phone for the elderly is its emergency call button that could send a call to up to five preset number at a time.

Hearing Aid Compatibility: it comes with a M4/T4 hearing aid rating which makes it even more a choice-able Android phone for seniors

Emporia Smart Specifications

Display 4.5 – inch display
Operating System Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
Storage 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage (expendable to 64GB)
Battery 2,600 mAh battery
Hearing Aid Compatible M4/T4 rating

Where to buy Emporia Smart

Ebay – $134.68 | Amazon – $160.99

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Jitterbug Smart

Jitterbug Smart smartphone for seniors
JitterBug Smart

This GreatCall manufactured smartphone is a model Android phone for the seniors. Unlike the Emporia Smart, it comes with a larger 5.5 – inch screen which will make it even more easy to use for the elders with vision problem.

Why Jitterbug Smart?

The Medical help: It provides medical and emergency service. This is easily accessible on the device. This becomes helpful in when we have an old person with medical challenges at home. It help give us peace of mind knowing fully well that to some extent, Jitterbug Smart will enhance from the outside when there need for one.

The Simple Menu: The simple Menu that comes with Jitterbug Smart interface makes it one of the best Android phones for seniors.

Jitterbug Specifications

Display 5.5 – inch display
Operating System Android 5.1
Storage 8GB internal storage (expendable to 32 GB)
Battery 2,500 mAh
Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4 rating

Where to buy Jitterbug Smart

Amazon – $78.01

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Grandpad 8'' smartphone for seniors

It is a simple Android/iOS device or tablet that offers senior users an easy way to get connected with family and friends. This is a 8 – inch tablet/Android phone for elders. With this phone at hand, there is no more boring moment for the idle old ones. Grandpad can be used to watch movies, and take pictures with its wide display type.

Why GrandPad?

Big Screen: this is one of the reasons why GrandPad is the toast of the senior Android phone users. with its big screen, it will be easy to mark out text and watch movies.

Remote Control: it is possible to control GrandPad remotedly. Therefore, making it an additional advantage especially when the old man just won’t get the gist at a try. You can help control things on the phone while at the office.


Display 8 – inch display screen
Operating System Android OS
Storage 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM
Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4 rating

Where to buy GrandPad

Bestbuy – $199.99

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OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 Android phone for seniors
OnePlus 6

This is best recommended for the tech savvy seniors.  The user interface is quite easy to navigate. No sophistication that is often seen in most Android phone these days. It makes a great choice for elders with its 6.28 – inch display. This would enable them to have a better experience while using the phone. However, for an old man, it is advisable that a OnePlus 6 protective case be used to avoid damage when it drop.

Why OnePlus 6

Big Screen: Like I said earlier, the 6.28 – inch screen would be an added advantage as texts and other information would come out well. Making up for the blurry sight of some old people.

Battery Life: it has a long battery life compared to the previously discussed smartphones.

OnePlus 6 Specifications

Display 6.28 – inch
Operating System Android 8.1 Oreo
Storage 128GB ROM (expendable to 256GB)
Battery 3,300 mAh
Hearing aid compatibility M3/T4 rated

Where to buy OnePlus 6

Amazon – $435 | Jumia NG – N188,552

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Moto G6

Moto G6 smartphone for seniors
Moto G6

It is selected to be on the list of best Android phones for seniors because of its nice display and water resistance features.

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It is also affordable and comes with a wide 5.7 – inch full HD+ display which allows for font increment. Just the right Android phone for the old man.

Why Moto G6

Good Display: It has a fantastic full HD+ display. This is a good one for the old ones as it help enhance sight and gives them phone use experience.

Big Screen: the screen size is also important when choosing and Android phone for the seniors. It determines whether the text would be eligible enough. This is important even more if the old man is the type that uses the Android phone to read news on the internet.

Moto G6 Specifications

Display 5.7 – inch display
Operating System Android 8.0 Oreo
Storage 64GB
Battery 3000 mAh
Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4 rated

Where to buy Moto G6

Amazon – $169.99

I do believe you have been able to select the Android phone you want for a senior, provided on the list?! I would like to have your feedback in the comment section. And then, do not hesitate to ask questions concerning buying an Android phone for seniors.

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