All you should know About Gionee Amigo OS

Gionee is running on Amigo OS
Amigo OS

Amigo OS is the operating system running on Gionee phones. Like all leading Android Smartphones, Gionee Co., Ltd., has developed the Amigo OS as its own user interface. However, not everybody knows the important facts about Gionee’s Amigo OS.

An operating system/user interface is one of the first things to consider when planning to buy a new smartphone. Therefore, we have decided to analyze the features, pros and cons of the Amigo OS in this article.

 Amigo OS features

As an operating system running on Gionee smartphones, there has to be some features that make it peculiar and unique among other operating systems. Being a deeply customized firmware based on Android OS, it will be interesting to know what difference Gionee has in mind with their Amigo OS.


Amigo Os image

Amigo OS draws smartphone users attention with their organized method of saving and arranging contacts. You could gain a sense of sanity and neatness from Amigo OS contact feature.

Split Screen

As a firmware based on the Android OS, it is expected that there are some features that will be essential to be included in the secondary ROM one of which is the Split Screen feature.

With Amigo OS 4.0, you can multi-task, operate on two apps at the same time and access applications more quickly. These can be seen in Android Nougat 7.0.

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On-Screen Gestures

On screen gestures for the new phone committee

Amigo users can now rejoice as operating their smartphone has been made more easier by the introduction of gesture supports in the Amigo 4.0. you can now carry out such function as playing music, starting apps, and even taking screenshot by drawing simple gestures pre-set on the phone.


Amigo 4.0 comes with over 1300 latest emojis. With these, you can add spice to your online and MMS discussions and even make other smartphone users on your list feel jealous. Emoji has become an essential part of our everyday discussions, therefore its presence can never be overestimated. With your new Gionee smartphone running on the Amigo OS 4.0, you can talk wonder!

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Maxx Audio

If you have ever wanted that phone that could enhance sound output, you should try Amigo OS products out. With the Maxx Audio feature, you can experience greater sound output on your Gionee device.

Amigo OS pros

The positive side of Amigo OS is worth checking out to know the exciting stuffs that differentiate this particular OS from others.

Virus Detection

Virus Alert on Amigo OS
Virus Alert

There is an in-built feature in the Amigo OS to detect viral infections on your phone. This makes it hard for Gionee smartphones to get hooked on Virus from third party sources. Virus is one of the top threat Smartphones are facing these days, but with this feature, you can rest well on the knowledge that your smartphone is protected to some extent.


There are series of wallpaper on Amigo OS to choose from. You can go cheesy and choose wallpapers according to your current mood, your wallpaper need will be well taken care of by the nice wallpapers that comes with the Amigo OS

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Battery Saver

Amigo OS is one of the best UI on android phones
Amigo OS battery

You can also save your battery using the battery saver mode. This is to avoid unnecessary battery usage by background apps. Not only will this save your battery, it will also spare your phone’s resources from demanding applications.

Mobile Anti-Theft

Loosing ones ones phone could be catastrophic sometimes. Depending what one that phone is been used for. Whichever one look at it, it is generally bad to lose ones phone. Therefore, Amigo OS has come with mobile anti-theft features that help you to track down your device incase of theft.

Amigo OS cons


Amigo OS products are a little bit slow on charging, however, this would not be an issue where there is constant power supply.


The hardware design is often smug. This might be a  no for people that has a penchant for style. Yet, outside of these, there are many other nice features to make up.

Sim Support

Most Amigo OS products only support micro sim cards which would require most user to cut their sim when they buy a new Amigo device.

image of three Gionee smartphones

Above all, you should try to buy the latest Amigo OS to enjoy the exciting features listed. We hope Gionee will continue to develop their UI to make it more tasty and user friendly over the years

Where to buy Amigo OS phones

Amazon | Amazon India | Jumia NG

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